The Radical

by Joe Renegade

"A rebel I came, I'll die the same."


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"something in me has been sleeping and watching a long, long time.

cheaters, liars
not the banksters,
nor politicians
but just you.

... because I know you, I see you walk by every day

the only way
you can get
is to go in.


I don't care
if you believe me,
do you
in Yourself?

... enough
to take the risk
to really live ?"


"Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman.
Believing what he read made him mad."
— George Bernard Shaw


The Radical™

The articles herein are NOT,
I repeat - are not,
for the faint of heart.

If you are easily offended...

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The Radical
is a forum for the free flow of ideas,
eco information and educated opinions
about the current, devastating affairs
that dominate the demise
of our human population
and our Planet Earth.

It is an inevitable law of Nature,
that any system that partly damages
or harms itself, will die.

It's about time we all awoke
to the one single elementary fact,
that we as a species will die
unless humans, as one family, genuinely unite
to change and respond
to our self-induced ecological dilemna,
awakening to the only truth,
that today is true
and is even more crucial
to the future generations who will be alive
in the next 100 years

... it IS all about the Earth.

The Radical Green™ is a voice for the Earth.

A savvy, sassy, clear voice that stirs things up,
maybe your apathy, or anger
maybe your conscience,
maybe history,
maybe genuine small daily actions,
maybe love,
maybe compassion.

Without the Earth, there is no love, no you nor I.

Do you accept to live as a marketing mind-control
experiment, memes framing your habits of how
to purchase, what to consume, how to consume ?

Of course, why believe it ?... how can it possibly
be true, that's only other people (sic) right ? It is
only them that read the paper, watch tv, yell at
those we love, harshly judge those we don't know.

Are we not all guilty of imperfect minds,
of egregious, demanding acts, of intolerable behaviour ?

Simple Fact: As we all consume the Earth's resources, just as the snake that eats its own tail, dies - we will simply consume ourselves past the possibility of a value-based life strangling any potential we may have as humans beings. In our greying existence we are becoming aliens on our own planet, a human race that is already extinct.

"There are over six billion people on this planet of which almost a third (two billion) are either starving, or living in poverty. The consumption of "convenience" goods is part of a bigger morally-bankrupt problem of distribution for blind westernized profit.

Forests, farms and wetlands are being replaced with a sea of houses, green chemical lawns, blacktop, and roadkill. Farmland is being bought out by land developers because of their inability to compete with cheap corporate, genetically-engineered, pesticide saturated food that pollutes our waterways. The time has come to decide what is more important: the planet and the health and well-being of all the creature inhabitants or the profits of those who destroy it.

Okay, so you're a corporate big wheel, you make millions or billions, you're smart... and surely you can figure out a way to create better community and systems that do not give fish, but help teach others less fortunate, how to fish ? Go on, you can do it, I double dog dare you to find that within yourself ! ... you may feel better, but even more so... you may actually become free - isn't that why you pursue power ??

A small change in perception, one person, two people, four people, eight people at a time, is enough - must be enough - to change our living history. If you are here, on the planet, you are already part of the evolutionary basis for Earth's future, how will you participate?"

The Radical Green™ encourages that you participate well. But we must pull up our apathetic pants, empty our mouths of others' foul ideas, and experience life for each ourselves, seeking our own unique and personal answers so that we may each think with our own thoughts, in our own genuinely earned minds.

by Joe Renegade

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The Radical


My name is Ned Kelly,
I’m known adversely well.
My ranks are free,
my name is law,
Wherever I do dwell.
My friends are all united,
my mates are lying near.
We sleep beneath shady trees,
No danger do we fear.


new articles
the next day

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the next day

... if I'm not surfing,
spelunking, shooting hoops,
flying along on my bicycle racing my son,
talking about democracy, world affairs, philosopy, religion, physics or LOVE with a hot French girl, who is hot because her mind is a genuine mind-fuck of original fabulousness, swimming with the dolphins, writing on a mountainside amoungst the trees, or just plain doing what feels best at any given moment, giving you shite and which may not include watching TV, reading the paper, or masturbation...

Get out
live your life baby!


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Inevitably, a guilty verdict was announced.  Judge Barry sentenced Ned Kelly to hang, concluding with: “And may the Lord have mercy on your soul.”  Ned famously retorted: “I will see you there, where I go.”  Twelve days later, Judge Barry dropped dead in his chambers, one day before the hanging.

Three days before the planned hanging, the petition was presented to the Governor with more than 32,000 signatures.  An hour later, the Executive Council announced that the execution would go ahead.

At 9am on the morning of November 11, 1880 as a crowd of 5,000 gathered outside the Melbourne Gaol, Ned was transferred to the condemned cell.  Just before 10am, he was led out onto the scaffold.  As the hangman adjusted the hood to cover his face, Kelly's last words were: “Arr well, I suppose it has to come to this, such as life”.

Ned Kelly renegade rebel in prison awaiting hanging

A Badass!

The Radical