The Radical

by Joe Renegade

"A rebel I came, I'll die the same."

I don't care
if you believe me,
do you
in Yourself?

... enough
to take the risk
to really live?

The Radical™

The articles herein are NOT,
I repeat - are not,
for the faint of heart.

The Radical™
is a forum for the free flow
of ideas, information and educated opinions
about the current, devastating
affairs that dominate the demise
of our human population
and our Planet Earth.

If you are easily offended...
you are not welcome here.
So, get out while the getting is good.
Take notice - you've been duly warned.

Or perhaps you are frozen
by no-bull, straight talkin' gumbo,
like a deer in the headlights of screeching truth.

When you feel offended,
you are closer to your own truth
than you realize.

Maybe, it's all how you looke att it ?
how you frame your perception...

Don't you yet know ?
... your very offensation
the first indication of the closed mind,
your vacuum sealed & self-caged mind-unit.

If henceforth is the case,
that you are easily offended

(you are also likely a
consumeristic malignancy,
cherishing that old skim of grime
you use to cheat yourself,
and the planet by your buying habits)

then... you are not invited past these words
on these pages of
free, radical and open green speech.

Wanderers, gypsies, rebels, renegades, hobos, wild rovers all invited.

If however, this open and rolicking forum
awakens something within your renegade Nature,
your own very inner hero or heroine
who stands for something real

then OKAY !

full game on -> submit your own article

- if you want to -
sure, you can sign it as;
'Joe Renegade, your town'
be warned upfront,
what you write better be
completely witty, sharp, provacative and relevant
otherwise find your own Amway meeting, elsewhere
... try down at the Motel 6.

If you don't realize
true pornography
is what all of us must,
MUST endure,
and overcome in life.
is exactly what you let into your mind,
it is any idea seperated into an image
for personal exploitation.

The drivel, vile daily oozing human drama
that you so easily allow
to bloody the battlefield
of your once pristine mind,
the one where you think you know
when you are (always?) right...
or argue every single point within
the thoughts of yourself ?

What you do to others
you do to yourself,
only 10 times more.

You're not, and maybe, quite likely
you've been a dead walking ghost for a long time
... and it's not mommy or daddy who are to blame,
not at all, get a grip on your own responsibility.

Stop making unimportant things important.

Find your bliss, your dream, your right place.

If you are one of the 'new age' morons who believe
in the marketing sensation, 'The Secret'
and have watched it 4 or 40 times
(or god [is dead] forbid more times)
and just can't figure out
why it's not working for you,
why you don't have that gold bullion Cadillac
... I'll tell you why, right now,
and even though nothing is FREE
I will tell you for free, ready ??
or not...

when you're watching tv
you're not actually doing anything!
When you're thinking about what you saw on tv,
you're not actually doing anything.
When you're talking about what you saw on a tv,
you're not actually doing anything.
The real SECRET is, stop doing what you are doing,
probably nothing,
if it's not good and gosh darn working right now
realize here and now
that right then
when you watched, The Secret
you had been sold someone else's idea,
idea of success (or whatever)
and you bought into
someone else's idea of something,
something vile called,
You let someone else answer your questions,
(someone you don't even know)
and just maybe your questions suck.
Asking better questions takes guts.

... Reality Newsflash,
ideas are not the actual thing.
So if you watched The Secret
and are drooling to all your friends
how it's the answer for your life,
(this month or this year)
then there is really no place for you within
the pages and writing of this web site.

Don't come back
until you smarten up!

And smartening up, might take some shaking up,
YOU actually asking better questions - of yourself!

Who else sells you their answers ?
Why geezus, I think religions might do that ?
What do you think ?

Have the guts to go out into the world,
and get your own experiences.
Wisdom and truth are only available
if you self generate them, from your own centre,
your own life experience.

If any of these writings or posts
make you frustrated, disgusted or angry
get out of your apathetic life, your burning bed,
and stop standing at the trough
of medicrity and malcontent
with your pants down around your ankles
and your mouth full.

Full of other's third-party, fourth-rate opinions,
other's bullshit facts.
The Russians have a word for this type of
'fact filled' intellectualism - intelligensia,
or baubles and buttons
or bread and circus.

Get your own mind,
and if you want to argue,
you can't argue with me
argue with yourself.

The mind is a sex organ,
an errogenous zone,
why are you playing with yourself,
short changing yourself
with the vile, dirty and soiled second-hand
thoughts of others?

Your thoughts determine exactly
the quality of your life,
moment to moment.

Now is the time to decide, differently.

Can't do it ?
Then sulk, stay asleep and leave
this sacred place -> forthwith, malcontent human !

stay and contribute something,
of value... so long as you truly do!

You have now been most adequetely warned
of the efficacy possible that mental stimulations
may have upon the quality of your life,
on a planet in a galaxy not so far, far away.


Get out
live your life baby!

2007 Copyright, Trademarks